Where are the jobs?

Both Bedford papers last week reported that Federal Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was in town promoting the Manchester Airport Access Road (MAAR) project as evidence of the success of the federal stimulus package. His visit and his message, amidst news that the national unemployment rate has now climbed to 10.2 percent, shows how deluded our bureaucrats and elected officials actually are.

The MAAR project, which was approved in 2003 and began 2007, received an additional $10 million in stimulus funds earlier this year. How many new jobs were created as a result of that $10 million stimulus funding? An astounding twenty-one! That breaks down to about $478,000 per job. Governor John Lynch has ignored this glaring failure by pointing out the glorious potential for local business created by the new access road. Potential that would exist with or without stimulus funds.

In addition to the disastrous national unemployment numbers, the New Hampshire media reported that of the 16,000 jobs projected to be “saved or created” by the stimulus, only 3,007 have actually come to fruition–a dismal failure by any measure. And of those 3,007 jobs, 96 percent (or 2,880) of them are government jobs!

Despite the delusion of our government officials, the citizens of New Hampshire see this situation with clarity. We the people know that our government at all levels has ceased working for the people, and it is only out to better its own interests and increase its own power and authority. Next year, watch as the state government adds those 2,880 jobs to the budget baseline (considered by the state as necessary for government to operate), because once a government program or job is created, it is nearly impossible to eliminate it.

It is time for We the People to wrest control away from government at all levels, take responsibility for ourselves and our communities, and tell our misguided officials to keep their hands off our wallets, our healthcare, and anything else they are wanting to control.

Stephen A Poschmann w/Carolyn McKinney
Bedford NH

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