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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Once one cuts through the empty political sloganeering this year, the critical issues we face as a nation and state are exposed.  Taxation is a big issue to many.  At a time when middle-income wages are stagnant and food and fuel costs are eating away at our paychecks, Democrats will not rule out tax increases.  They will allow the tax cuts to expire, which will adversely affect everyone who pays taxes.  At the state level, the Democrats’ well-documented fiscal irresponsibility will effectively spend us into a broad-based tax.  Senate challenger Jeanne Shaheen, as governor once opposed a broad-based tax but later signed into law the statewide property tax, and has even proposed a sales tax.

Fuel is another pain point for all.  As the Democrats carp about “big oil” profits and push perpetually not-ready-for-primetime technologies like solar, conservatives advocate for a diverse solution including more drilling, new refineries, wind and nuclear.  Congresswoman Carol-Shea Porter has consistently demonstrated her liberal credentials by voting against commonsense energy bills, favoring increased taxes on oil companies–taxes which would be passed along to the consumer.

When considering the candidates, please look past the marketing and think of the future of our nation and state.

Stephen Poschmann is a member of the Bedford Republican Committee.

Press Release July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

For Immediate Release

Bedford Republican Committee
PO Box 10050
Bedford, NH 03110
Ray Chadwick, Chairman

The Bedford Republican Committee is conducting a series of interviews with Republican candidates for national and state offices.

The interviews can be seen at:

“The program is intended to inform voters about issues and candidates.” said Committee Chairman Ray Chadwick. “It’s critical to know what a candidate stands for when you consider the impact of the next election on spending, taxes and social programs.”

The interviews focus on current or announced Republican candidates for national and state offices that represent Bedford, NH. The 30 minute shows explore each candidate’s values, reasons for running, goals if elected and issues they consider important.

The shows are taped in the studios of Bedford Community TV and shown on Channel 16.

“Bedford Community TV has an organization and facility of superior competence and capability.” said Chadwick. “We’re pleased to have worked with BCTV to help make it easier for voters to know the candidates and issues.”

BCTV has recently implemented technology to provide streaming video of its programs through its website at

The Bedford Republicans website videos are linked to the BCTV video server.

Interviews currently available include Congressional candidates Jeb Bradley and John Stephen, Gubernatorial candidate Joe Kenney, State Senator Sheila Roberge and State Representative John Graham. Further interviews are scheduled with Senator John Sununu and other candidates for State Representative.

In addition to the interviews, the Bedford Republican Committee’s website is kept up-to-date with state and local Republican events and news about candidates and legislation. The website also has links to politicians and other Republican organizations.

For information on joining the Bedford Republican Committee, please visit their website or email: