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No Surprises

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007

by Ray F. Chadwick

Republicans lost their majority in the State not because of Iraq but because they drifted away from the tasks and commitment needed to retain the voters trust. We saw Republicans who were less than committed to the Republican Party, its Platform, and the ideals of limited government and local control (the NH Advantage). We even saw Republicans actually endorsing Democrats in preference to Republican candidates.

The voters elected the Democrats, who launched legislation to fundamentally change New Hampshire:

  • Legalization of hemp production
  • Criminal penalties for the release of helium balloons
  • Promotion of free hormone treatments for trans-gender individuals
  • Implementation of civil unions specifically limited to homosexual couples
  • State responsibility for schools and their expenses
  • State budget with record (double-digit increase) spending

This may not be exactly what the voters expected, but they shouldn’t be surprised!

*A vote for Democrats WAS a vote for change. For one example, their Party Platform says:

“We affirm our historic commitment to fight discrimination in all its forms, including laws that deny individuals of the same gender the right to form relationships that they choose or the right to establish families with the full rights, responsibilities and equal protection of our laws.”

Is anyone surprised by the civil union legislation, or that the Governor would sign it?

*Here are other excerpts from the NH Democrat Party website at:

“We believe the sweep of education should be broad and include physical education and wellness, as well as critical appreciation for the arts and for literature.”

“We recognize the value of early learning and believe the State must extend the benefit of kindergarten to all communities.”

“The State should meet its Constitutional requirements to adequately fund our schools considering all sources of revenue.”

“We further believe that universal access to healthcare in our country cannot be adequately achieved through market forces alone.”

These statements illustrate the values that the Democrats will bring to Education and Health Care issues.

Some politicians think a Party Platform isn’t that important to voters. I expect Republicans (and voters) will have a new appreciation for the Republican Platform and for working together to promote it.

Political parties and candidates should state their intentions and the values that they would implement if elected, and should work together to deliver what they promise.

Don’t be surprised! Before you vote, make sure you know what a Party or candidate is promising to do!


Ray F. Chadwick is a resident of Bedford who is active in promoting conservative and Republican ideals.

*Platform quotes from NH Democrat website (