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Message from NH GOP 5-28-2007

Monday, May 28th, 2007

MEMORIAL DAY: We pause today to remember those who wore the uniform in the past, and to thank those who make us proud of their service today.

SEN. LARSON’S TAX INCREASE: Last Friday, the day before the holiday weekend when it would escape much notice, NH Senate President Larson introduced a new 6.5% current use tax. This tax would be paid to the state, on top of the 10% already paid to the town, when a landowner transfers land out of current use. Current use is one of those little policies that makes New Hampshire great: It provides an incentive (really, a thank you) for landowners who maintain their land undeveloped, usually while also allowing others to use it for recreation or just to enhance scenic vistas, without having the land taxed at its market value. Just over half of all land in NH is estimated to be in “current use,” and even if you do not directly benefit from the tax break, you do benefit in terms of maintaining the rural character of our state. I hope all Republicans will contact your legislators and urge them to say no to Sen. Larson’s current use tax increase.

FIRST DEBATE IN THE FIRST IN THE NATION STATE: On June 5, all the Republican candidates will be in NH on June 5 for the Union Leader / CNN / WMUR debate. If your local committee isn’t planning a debate watching party, why don’t you organize one? Either way, tune it!

JUNE 6 PRESIDENTIAL GALA DINNER: The next night is our annual dinner at the Center of NH Radisson Hotel in Manchester. Five candidates are confirmed (Sam Brownback, Duncan Hunter, Mitt Romney, Tom Tancredo, and Tommy Thompson) and we may pick up one or two more, and CSPAN will be covering it live. Tickets at $125 each. Call us at 225-9341 for more info or register online:

THE WHALLEY AMENDMENT: House Republicans, led by Mike Whalley of Alton, have come up with a positive ed funding amendment that significantly improves on the Governor’s proposal. The Whalley/Republican amendment establishes the legislature, not the courts, as the superior policy-making branch on the issue; acknowledges that ed funding can be a shared responsibility between the state and local communities; allows targeting; and lowers the threshold of court scrutiny. This amendment deserves widespread support.

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: Sen. Maggie Hassan of Exeter gets herself nominated for Head Nanny of the Democrat’s Nanny State with this quote defending mandatory seatbelt laws: “I am not doing this because I think I know what’s best for anybody else,” said Sen. Maggie Hassan, an Exeter Democrat who co-sponsored the seat-belt bill. “But I do know what’s best for…my constituents.” (Concord Monitor, May 22). Far better is GOP Rep. Andy Peterson’s reply: “This is a bill that people are going to feel impacts their lives before they even get out of their own driveways.” Meanwhile, Gov. John Lynch, as usual, can’t make up his mind on the seatbelt law: “The governor is continuing to talk with lawmakers about the issue,” said Lynch spokesman Colin Manning. Does the Gov. have a gut reaction – suggesting a core value – about anything?

WELCOME: To our new Executive Director, Steve DeMaura, who started with us two weeks ago. Steve is a product of Peterborough’s Con-Val High School and George Washington University. Among Steve’s responsibilities, look for a totally revamped website soon. You can reach Steve at or 225-9341.

JOB OPENING OF THE WEEK: A friend of the party noticed this posting online recently (this is not made up!): “PRESS SECRETARY – Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) seeks a press secretary for her DC office. Must have experience dealing with the press,
knowledge of issues and excellent writing skills. Will be responsible for dealing with press inquiries, pitching stories, writing press releases and writing material for online communications. The ideal candidate will have experience in a Congressional press office or on a political campaign. Specific knowledge of New Hampshire politics is a big plus. Please send an email with a resume and three writing samples to —.This position will be filled quickly.”
A wag from Sullivan County suggested the job description also should have mentioned “you must wear a flower in your hair, know how to picket, organize sit ins and refuse to support our national interest” while another wag from Manchester suggested experience removing feet from other people’s mouths might come in handy. For more on CSP, check out

GOOD LUCK: To Mike McGrath, our state rep candidate in a special election in Manchester’s Ward 2 tomorrow, Tuesday. Last minute help is welcome; contact our Political Director, Allison Ryan, at Allison@nhgop or 225-9341.

IN THE NEWS: “The Democratic excesses in the Legislature absolutely are energizing Republicans who may have been passive in the last election,” said Fergus Cullen, chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. “I hate to see these things being passed for policy reasons. But politically, these are opportunities for us to rebound in 2008. Democrats are putting us back in the game.”

“The Democrats were given the majority last year, but they were not voting to change New Hampshire from a Live Free or Die state to an East Vermont,” Cullen said. “Our leadership has always trusted adults to be adults, and we don’t need laws for everything.”
Despite Senate Democrats’ efforts to put the brakes on some House measures, GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen warned that “from a political perspective it’s too late; the damage is done.” These bills are reminiscent of the proposal to ban smoking in restaurants and bars, which passed the Senate, he said. “Democrats have treated adults like children.” The election, Cullen added, “was not a mandate to turn New Hampshire into Vermont.”

HUMOR: “Did anybody see the debate? It was really weird. After the rebuttal, John Edwards demanded two minutes for conditioner.” – Dave Letterman

“The Queen was welcomed with a 21-gun salute. Well, 22 if you count Cheney’s gun, which went off accidentally” –Jay Leno

Fergus Cullen
Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party
10 Water Street
Concord, NH 03301

Message from NH GOP 5-01-2007

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

Message from Fergus Cullen
Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

TOO FAR, TOO FAST:  Gov. Lynch’s announcement that he will sign the civil unions bill is a clear sign that he is unwilling to reign in his Democratic majority in Concord.  Bigger government, higher taxes, left-wing social policy, and a slew of nanny state legislation – this is not what the election was about last fall or what independents thought they were voting for.  If Gov. Lynch were a stronger leader he would have redirected his caucus away from its more extreme policy impulses.  Silence is consent.  Nor are these the actions of a moderate governor, either.

To read about how Democratic excesses are helping activate our party, read this story from Sunday’s Concord Monitor:  Democrat Excesses
EDUCATION AMENDMENT:  The ed funding amendment is pending in the house, where most observers believe it lacks enough Democrat votes to pass as currently written.  This may give Republicans an opportunity to improve the governor’s version.  My advice to Republicans continues to be to keep our powder dry, raising skeptical questions about the governor’s proposal without ruling out the possibility of supporting an improved version of the amendment. 

See also: Education Amendment
PRESIDENTIAL GALA:  Mark your calendars for Wednesday, June 6, for the state party’s Presidential Gala fundraiser at the Center of New Hampshire.  This is the night after the first NH debate, organized by the Union Leader/WMUR/CNN.  Watch them debate one night, see them in person the next!  All the presidential candidates have been invited to the dinner and several have indicated plans to attend.  We anticipate significant media coverage as well and may have CSPAN broadcasting live.  Formal invites will go out in the next week or so.  Tickets start at $125 person.  More details to follow.
DEBATE WATCHING PARTIES?  Speaking of the debate, I encourage our local committees to consider hosting debate watching parties on June 5.  It’s a great entrée to get new local Republicans involved in a mostly social setting – and you might be able to attract some media coverage as well.
CAROL SHEA PORTER’S SILLY QUOTE (this week’s edition):  “So far I have voted I think 100 percent of the time with (Democratic leaders) because frankly I think they’re 100 percent right.”  That’s CSP explaining why she has voted literally 100% of the time with Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  And Rep. Paul Hodes is every bit as liberal as CSP:  They have identical – identical! – voting records after more than three months in Congress. 

Read more at: Hodes and Porter
PROUD TO BE LYNCH’S RUBBER STAMP:   State Sen. Iris Estabrook was the deciding vote passing Gov. Lynch’s ed funding amendment out of the Senate.  But talk about a mea culpa, here she is saying she doesn’t want an amendment but only voted for it “out of loyalty and courtesy” to Gov. Lynch.  Wow, what principled leadership.

Read about it at: Lynch’s Rubber Stamp
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:  Letters to the editor make a real difference – just look what they did for Carol Shea-Porter.  If you think the Dems are going too far, too fast in changing New Hampshire, write a letter to the editor and say so!

CONGRATS: To Mike McGrath, who won the primary in the Manchester Ward 2 special election last week.  Mike’s general election is May 29. This is a competitive ward where one seat is currently held by both parties.  Thanks also to Steve Abbott, who was willing to represent our party.  Note that we also have a special election coming up in Hooksett.  Two former state reps, Dick Marple and Dave Boutin, are the Republican candidates in a primary there.
MORE CONGRATS:  To the Rockingham and Sullivan-Merrimack County Committees, who both put on excellent Lincoln Day dinners in recent days.  Cheshire and Belknap Counties hold events this week.
STILL MORE CONGRATS:  To the intrepid six Republicans who gathered last week to start a Republican Town Committee in Newfields (pop: 1,551) where previously there was none.  This is the sort of basic organizing that will help us return to majority status next year.  If you are interested in starting a town committee in your community, let me know at
SPEAKING GIGS:  I am happy to come to town committees to speak.  Last week I was in Bow, Hampton, and Hollis for that purpose and this week I’ll be in Conway and Keene for Republican gatherings.  Invitations accepted at
IS THERE A MONSTER IN THE BASEMENT?:  We never could say for certain that there wasn’t a monster living in the basement at the old headquarters at 134 North Main, where junk dating back to 1977 was found while a group of volunteers cleared the place out last weekend.  We found neither monsters nor Whitey Bulger, either of which was possible.  Thanks to the Young Republicans, several honorary YRs including Wayne MacDonald, and all those who helped take care of this dirty project.  We are now officially open for business at 10 Water Street.
POLITICAL CHOWDER:  I was a guest, along with my Dem counterpart and the always entertaining Chuck Douglass, on Arnie Arnesen’s TV show this weekend. 

You can view the episode at:  Political Chowder
HUMOR:  Why are all the Republican wags from Wolfeboro?  Send your family-friendly political jokes to :

1. Open a new file in your computer.
2. Name it ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton’
3. Send it to the trash.
4. Empty the trash.
5. Your PC will ask you, ‘Do you really want to get rid of ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton?’
6. Firmly Click ‘Yes.’
7. Feel better.
8. Repeat with Nancy Pelosi as needed.
Fergus Cullen, Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party
134 North Main Street, Concord, NH  03301