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July 8, 2014 - BRC Meeting With Candidates

Please note the time for our meetings has changed to 7:00 PM. We'll meet at the Bedford Public Library on Tuesday July 8, 2014. With us will be (from left to right) Dan Innis and Frank Guinta, candidates for Congress District 1, and Andrew Hemingway and Walt Havenstein, Candidates for Governor.

The regular Bedford Republican Committee meeting will take place AFTER the presentation. Please note our filming policy.

The Bedford Republican Committee is a private group. No recording, videotaping or live broadcast of, or from, any Bedford Republican Committee meeting or event will be permitted unless previously approved by the Chairman.


February 25, 2014
Bedford, New Hampshire

The Executive Board of the Bedford Republican Committee Announces the following position on Medicaid expansion in the Great State of New Hampshire.

Whereas the Bedford Republican Committee Executive Board finds that the Republican Party Platform clearly opposes the federal Affordable Care Act;

Whereas certain efforts of the General Court, which would accept Medicaid Expansion funding, unavoidably conflict with our Republican Party Platform;

Whereas the Executive Board of the Bedford Republican Committee finds that accepting some Medicaid Expansion funding now will inevitably result in the adoption of full Medicaid Expansion in the future;

[Unanimously] resolved, that the Executive Board of the Bedford Republican Committee:

1. Declares its support for the Republican Party Platform, which opposes the federal Affordable Care Act.

2. Will inform the New Hampshire Republican Party, the New Hampshire State Senate, and the New Hampshire State House of this resolution, and urges all Bedford Republican Committee members to contact their elected officials about this issue.


July 8th - BRC Meeting - Bedford Library 7:30 PM
We will have our Congressional and Gubernatorial Candidates participate in a panel discussion about the critical issues affecting our state and nation.

August 25th - BRC Annual Breakfast - Manchester Country Club
This is one of our best attended events. You will have a chance to share your message just before the primary. This year we are offering discounted tables to campaigns. The tickets are $30 but you can purchase a table of 8 for $210.


Dues for 2014 are due.
We will no longer be sending information to those who have not paid.

Please send $25 to:

Trevor Bragdon, Treasurer
c/o Bedford Republican Committee
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You can also use the PayPal button in the lefthand column to make a donation or pay dues.

Know Someone Who is Not a Computer User?

If you know someone who isn't on the web who would like to join, please download and print our 2014 tri-fold brochure with membership form here: Front and Back (contains form) and Inside

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If we do not have a workable email address for you, you will be placed on the phone list and can expect to get an automated call with our reminders. Manually calling 20 people is just not feasible time-wise, so other than the email which is the most efficient way of getting our notices, a phone message is the alternative. BRC will be identified as the caller.

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